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    Rated Top Grade on Disclosure the 7th consecutive year by Shenzhen Exchange

    The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has recently issued a Circular on Information Disclosure Assessment of listed companies on GEM for the year of 2018. Shenzhen Jasic Technology Co., Ltd. ("Jasic Technology") is rated with class A which is the top grade on information disclosure. This is an honor that Jasic Technology has won for the 7th consecutive year.

    According to the results of the assessment, 108 companies were graded Class A, representing 14.61% of the 739 GEM companies participated in 2018, 522 companies, approximately 70.64%,are rated Class B, while 84 companies Class C and 25 companies Class D.

    Since listing in 2011, Jasic Technology has been in strict compliance with all listing rules and regulations, as well as the company’s internal processes to disclose corporate information in fair and timely manner with accuracy and completeness. We also aimed to improve our disclosure to be more pro-active and effective with information that suits the need for fund managers’ investment decision. This initiative also reflects the company’s culture and belief in honest and ethical business practice. We are very proud to be awarded with Class A grade for the 7th consecutive year – an authentic endorsement from the Shenzhen Exchange on our disclosure work.

    We will continue to adhere to the principle of openness, fairness and justice advocated by the regulators and further improve the quality and management of information disclosure, ensuring the investors’ interests are duly taken care of.