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    Jasic Technology Organised a Children’s Day for its Employees

    Jasic Technology invited the family members of our staff to visit the company on June 1st – the International Children’s Day. We hope the family members of our staff would take this opportunity to understand what kind of company Jasic Technology is.

    There are approximately 100 families who joined us and participated in a variety of activities featuring “Appreciation”, “Independence” and “Happiness”. For example, little children were encouraged to present  flowers to their parents to express gratitude for parental support, and to participate in a game of competition to lace up shoes so as to get a taste of independence. Family members jointly drew themed paintings to get a feel on the importance of family support and collective efforts.

    Hand-in-hand, our staff proudly showed their spouses and children around our green campus, and visited staff fitness center and lounge. Mr. Liu Qihui, an engineer from R&D Dept. joined by his wife and kid to see where he works. His wife commented: “I am glad to have come to see the company myself today. This is a very useful trip to understand where my husband works. I now appreciate more the effort he has put into his daily work.”

    We are glad to have received many positive feedbacks from our staff, and will keep up the work to support our employees as appropriate in bonding with their family members.