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    The First Employee Congress of Jasic Technology

    The first Employee Congress of Shenzhen Jasic Technology Co., Ltd. (Jasic Technology) was held on2nd April. More than 111 employee representatives attend this meeting, including Mr. Pan Lei (Chairman and General Manager of Jasic Technology), Mr. Xia Ruyi (Deputy General Manager of Jasic Technology), Mr. Zhang Zhiying (Chairman of Labor Union), and Mr. Li Hongpo (HR Director of Jasic Technology).

    Mr. Pan Lei said:”The convening of the Employee Congress is a grand event in our work and for our life. If we want to rely on our employee to manage our company, keeping enterprise affairs public is an important approach. ” He believes that employees’ rights and interests should be protected. In addition, he also encourages each employee to engage in the company’s development with their new ideas and suggestions, thereby to create a warm, dignified and ambitious atmosphere for everyone living and working in Jasic.

    111 representatives out of 120 who are supposed be present attend this meeting. More than 2/3 of the total representatives are present, which reach the quorum requirement. The three agenda items including a draft collective contract, a draft of mutual fund, and a draft list of candidate nominations for May 1st Labor Medal were discussed, reviewed, and passed unanimously by a show of hands.

    Later on, Ms. Luo Huaihua, Director of Audit Committee, gave a briefing on labor union fund’s utilization in 2018 and its plan in2019. Seven days prior to the opening of this congress, the Committee for Proposals was established to widely collect suggestions and advices from employees, which were then translated into two proposals in total. These two proposals, entitled as“A Suggestion of Building a Platform for the Development of Labor Union Community” and “The Suggestion for Canteen Improvement”, are filed after examined by the Committee for Proposals. Labor Union will supervise actively the related department to make an improvement and response to the proposers.

    This congress, which embodies the realization of employer-employee common construction, governance and sharing of non-public economy, has stood out as a significant milestone for Jasic Technology since its inception.