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    • Passionate
      About Your Welding

      JASIC, a positive force of the industry

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      About Quality

      Industry-Leading QC System

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      15 Years of Excellence

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    Who We Are

    Shenzhen JASIC Technology Co. Ltd (JASIC Technology) is an enterprising and R&D focused welding company, trusted by partners in China, its home country and abroad. Integrity and efficiency are the fundamental guiding principles of how we manage business and conduct ourselves. We are keen to enable business success of our partners and quality life of our end-users with our products and services.
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    Research & Manufacturing

    R&D has been intertwined into manufacturing operations - a distinctive charater of JASIC Technolog, which effectively enables continued quality upgrading of our products and services. Over time, this has become a competitive strength that is difficult to be duplicated by others. Going forward, we'll endevour to capture the opportunities brought about by IOT and AI for new generation products.

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    Our People & Culture

    Our team in office and on shop floors is living the stories of who we are. Integrity and honesty form the basis of how we do things and interact with others. People with similar minds are building an attractive workplace at JASIC whereby people are treated with respect, trained and given the opportunity to thrive.
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