Industrial design highlights

    Lateral plate

    Detachable lateral plate for easy servicing

    Machine-stamped logo and contour (reinforced overall structure's impact strength)

    Front grill

    Slope front grill stikes the perfect balance between heat dissipation efficiency and ingress protection performance (IP23S)


    Streamline integrated handle that elevates overall aesthetics of the power source

    Provides comfortable, firm and glove-friendly grip

    Control panel visibility

    Control panel with 45 degree slanted angle which achieves a good balance between visibility and viewing comfort, while enlarging area up to 41% compared to vertically positioned control panel

    Overall look

    Rugged, robust, and industrial look

    Industrial design highlights

    HD digital panel with ClearVision tech

    Integral full contact mirror hard panel

    Clear & crisp reading, visible under direct sunlight

    Color LCD control panel with intuitive user interface and refined touch

    Backlit silicone rotary knob with matte surface treatment

    Physical home and return button for instant access

    Easy access to user manual and spare part list

    *: only availble for some models

    Flexible remote
    control solutions

    Minimalist handheld remote control (wireless)

    Dedicated handheld remote control (wireless)

    Dedicated foot pedal remote

    Dedicated handheld remote control (wired)

    Dedicated foot pedal remote control

    Solid welding performance

    Dash-Arc technology for HF TIG

    Delivers 99+% arc striking success rate, high consistency & high ignition response rate (50~60ms)

    Smart Lift-TIG

    Eliminates weld defects by monitoring the arc and stopping it when necessary

    Detects short circuit caused by accidental contact between the tungsten tip and the workpiece and keeps the weld going

    Improves arc ignition success rate and effectively avoids tungsten tip sticking, contamination, and damage

    Plasma cutting features

    SurePlasma technology for non-HF CUT

    Special software algorithm automatically adjusts parameters in accordance with different plasma torch length, achieving high arc ignition success rate

    Mesh cutting

    Redefined internal structure

    ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage

    Internal airflow is optimally diverged by a segregation structure

    The divergence of airflow can dissipate heat generated by different power electronics in a more balanced manner

    The power source's overall reliability is improved thanks to this internal structure design

    Sustainability features

    Power factor correction

    Improves overall energy efficiency

    Allows use with generator

    Smart Gas

    Automatic postflow time adjustment for TIG welding according to actual welding current and time, etc.

    Reduces shielding gas consumption up to 40% compared to conventional products

    Auto sleep mode

    Power source will enter standby mode after being idle for 10 minutes

    Reduces standby power consumption to below 15W, over 60% energy economized compared to conventional products

    Compatible with input power sources of AC 95~265 V