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    We are positive and energetic on our way seeking to do better
    Who We Are
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    Since inception, we have been encouraging innovation and investing in R&D. As a result, we have today over 100 patents including inventions. We have built solid customer base in China and a global presence as we are qualified with the general standards required by many markets in North America, Europe and Australasia. As we invest in creating own IP on an on-going basis, we respect inventions by peers; only by doing so, we all enjoy fair and healthy competition to grow and prosper.
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    We operate in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, nevertheless we aspire to achieve the highest business ethics and environmental standards in our cause to become a world class integrated welding solutions provider. We undertake measures institutionally for sustainable development and ensure alignment in values and practices with those of our stakeholders.

    Since inception, we advocate for sustainable technology and products, and prioritize investment in workplace safety and promote sustainable supply chains. We also encourage our employees to participate in social philanthropic programs to play a positive role in social well-being.

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    Corporate Governance
    • The Board aims to continuously adapting to higher governance standards and create value for all stakeholders.
    • We are mindful of our social impact and comitted to be a good force for the industry.
    • Our non-executive directors and supervisory board play important role in decision making on critical matters of the company.
    • We have a strong team with complimentary skills to take the company to the next level.
    • Contact JASIC
      Address: No. 3, Qinglan 1st Road, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, China
      Tel: +86 86706250
      E-mail: jasicmarket@jasic.com.cn
    • International Business
      Tel: +86 86706250
      E-mail: sales@jasictech.com
    • China Business
      Tel: +86 27325988
      E-mail: jasicmarket@jasic.com.cn
    • Investor Relations
      Tel: +86 755 21674251
      E-mail: jasiczqb@jasic.com.cn