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    JASIC Resumes Work with 0 Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus

    Production is getting back to normal in JASIC, Shenzhen, China on Feb 16th, 2020

    Delivering Promises

    Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, JASIC has resumed work according to local government guideline on Feb 16th, 2020. The company is currently under-staffed due to the fact that some of its employees are still in their quarantine. However, that doesn’t stop JASIC from delivering its promises. With help of JASIC senior management including President, over 10 containers for overseas delivery has been fulfilled on time.

    Mr. Pan’s Encouragement to Employees

    It is also on Feb 16th, 2020 that Mr. Pan, JASIC’s president, has greeted all employees both in office and production line to boost morale.

    Behind The Scene

    To protect its employees and ensure production, the JASIC’s contingency task force has adopted a host of measures including thorough disinfection within campus, dedicated dining hall management, strict campus entry procedures, etc. since work resumption.

    So far, JASIC has 0 confirmed cases of Coronavirus within its campus. And the company is confident about maintaining 0 infections. With gradual return of its work force, the company strives to meet its strategic performance targets despite setbacks.