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    Combating Coronavirus in Manufacturing Companies – JASIC’s Tips

    The spread of the 2019 Coronavirus outside China has become increasingly concerning in recent days. And this will no doubt affect workplaces in effected countries. As a manufacturing firm, some of JASIC’s practices may be applicable to similar companies who are facing the Coronavirus threat.

    JASIC has seen 0 confirmed cases of the virus so far since the resumption of its operation. Comprehensive planning and strict execution are crucial. We really hope that our experience can help other companies overcome the COVID-19 challenge. Here’s what we have to share.

    How to Get Organized

    How JASIC Is Organized in Face of the COVID-19 Challenge, Click Here to View Enlarged Image

    JASIC has adopted a top-down approach in terms of setting up interim contingency management. On the top, there is a disease control committee formed by members of the board and senior management, with its function being to direct and coordinate all virus prevention effort within and outside the company.

    Then comes the team formed by division heads, whose job is to implement the directives issued by the committee, to handle contingencies, and to supervise subordinating departments. The team will provide daily status report to the committee and is accountable for the validity of their information.

    Under the team, a task force formed by department heads is responsible for arranging accommodation for returning employees, overseeing virus prevention policies compliance, and providing consult to employees. The task force reports to the division head team.

    One thing that we need to point out here is that status report coming from all level within the company is synchronized across all level via our ERPS, which means that information is shared simultaneously from the top to the bottom.

    Corporate Campus Entry Control

    This is the most important part of JASIC’s virus prevention practices, as the effectiveness of the prevention depends mainly on blocking the Coronavirus from entering our corporate campus. We will explain the procedures under the below 2 circumstances:

    First Entry After the Outbreak

    In our case, all employees returned to their hometown or residences before the COVID-19 outbreak because of the Chinese New Year holidays. When work resumed, employees who falls under the below categories were denied entry to campus and needed to work in their residences for a period of 14 days (the “self-quarantine” period):

    • employees who stayed in quarantined regions in China in recent months
    • employees who had traveled to quarantined regions in during the holidays
    • employees who had close contact with people from quarantined regions

    Employees that do not belong to any of the categories need to submit a brief personal status report to JASIC’s Coronavirus Task Force. The information will be consolidated and passed on to the Team of Division Heads and then the Disease Control Committee for review and approval.

    A name list of eligible employees will then be submitted to corporate security for notice. And all eligible employees will be issued a dedicated entry badge. While entering campus, all employees are subject to security check on entry badge, mask, body temperature and symptoms. Those who are denied entry will have to go through a comprehensive health assessment outside the campus.

    Entries After the First Entry

    Employees who are granted entry need to submit their personal status reports at the end of the day to the Task Force. The company will rerun the procedures mentioned above on a daily basis. Local health authorities provide assistance and coordination in case of necessity.

    Typical Procedure for Daily Campus Entry Control, Click Here to View Enlarged Image

    General Virus Prevention Policies within JASIC’s Campus

    • All personnel must wear medical grade face masks* according to local health authorities’ guidance at all time.

    • All personnel must maintain a minimum distance of 1m from others.

    • All indoor facilities must maintain good ventilation, except specific production lines that need to operate in special environments, employees working in those environments must put on biohazard suits issued by the company

    • Disinfection work is carried out in all indoor facilities at least twice a day

    • Avoid unnecessary meetings, keep important meetings brief and the participants in separated seats, use of remote meeting mobile app is encouraged

    • The Task Force and Corporate Security retain the right to expel any personnel that does not comply to the above policies

    *: JASIC issues 3 medical grade masks for each employee every 2 days.

    Masks and regular body temperature check are mandatory within JASIC's campus.

    Dining Hall & Dormitory Management

    • The Task Force is responsible for providing mandatory hand sanitization to all employees entering the dining hall

    • To control traffic into the dining hall, employees are split in to various groups, different groups will enter the dining hall in different time for lunch

    • All employees must sit separately while in the dining hall

    • A minimum distance of 1m must be observed within the dining hall at all time

    • Disposable dishware is used during the whole outbreak period, and employees are encouraged to bring their own reusables

    • No fidgeting with smartphones or any other objects brought from outside the dining hall

    • No talking or any other close-range interaction allowed in the dining hall

    • All employees must leave the dining hall immediately after finishing their meal, except for hall staffs and Task Force personnel

    • Dining hall is sanitized at least 3 times a day

    • Only employees living in the dormitory have clearance to it, and such clearance is presented on their entry badge

    • All general virus prevention policies also apply to the dining hall and dormitory

    Dining hall staffs provide hand sanitization for all employees

    All employees are sitted seperately while in dining hall.

    Notice the yellow markings on dining hall's floor, which keeps all employees distanced from one another.

    To Wrap Things Up

    As citizens of the first country hit by the Coronavirus, we cannot stress enough that this virus is highly contagious despite its relative low kill rate compared to SARS and MERS. As the fight goes on, we sincerely hope that manufacturing companies worldwide can live up to the challenge and minimize the disruptive effect the COVID-19 has on the global supply chain. Our thoughts are with all the people who are battling against the outbreak, either directly or indirectly.