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    JASIC Saw Steady Growth in 2019 despite Slowing Economy
    In spite of difficulties caused by the trade war, JASIC has maintained a sound momentum of growth in 2019. All financial performance metrics have improved to some extent.

    Satisfying Overall Performance

    Total assets have consistently increased to RMB 2.766 billion in 2019.
    Operating revenue has reached RMB 966 million in 2019, an 8.09% year-on-year increase.
    Net profit attributed to shareholders has reached RMB 208 million in 2019, achieving an 8.85% year-on-year growth.
    Basic earnings per share have seen a 13.16% year-on-year increase, reaching RMB 0.43 in 2019.

    Financial Highlights

    Cash flow has grown steadily to RMB 1.011 billion in 2019 with 6.68% CAGR.

    Ratio of profits to cost has increased to 32.38% in 2019 thanks to effective cost management.

    Inventory turnover has increased to 4.39 times in 2019, as a result of JASIC’s consistent improvement in supply chain performance.

    R&D Investment has steadily grown to RMB 59 million in 2019 so as to ensure technology competitiveness.

    Consistent Growth in Investor Returns

    Since JASIC went public, accumulated cash dividends have reached RMB 581 million.

    2020 and Beyond

    JASIC’s 2019 performance has proven the company’s abilities to grow in slowing global economy. The company understands the value of perseverance, and has dedicated to several aspects that form JASIC’s core competitiveness: holistic strategy, consistent R&D investment, rapid response to market, and refined production management. 2020 will be a year of even greater difficulties due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but that will not hinder JASIC’s will to achieve its long term objectives.
    We stand ready for all the challenges ahead.