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    JASIC Offers Face Masks to Partners Impacted by COVID-19

    As the Coronavirus outbreak has become a pandemic, personal protective equipment like face masks is in short supply outside China. In response to this, JASIC has decided to ship free masks to partners worldwide in an effort to help them cope with the virus.

    Nearly 40,000 masks to be shipped

    In times of need, every bit of help counts. Almost 40,000 masks are to be packed and delivered to approximately 68 overseas distribution partners. A letter from JASIC’S President Mr. Pan along with the masks is to express sincere concern and best wishes to them.

    During this period, we understand that our partners are experiencing a range of difficulties. However, we believe that hard times are temporary and can be overcome. And we’d like to express this belief in a somewhat concrete form. At the same time, we have been operating at a higher-than-average capacity since last week to fulfill our promise. So far no COVID-19 cases have been found, and we strive to remain 0 confirmed cases in our campus in the coming months.