From Mexico, With Thanks

    A Letter from Mexico, Photos from Greece and An E-mail from Southeast Asia

    This month, JASIC has received three special feedbacks from its overseas partners. The first one is a thank-you letter from Mexican partners written in both Chinese and Spanish, expressing their gratitude for the face masks delivered by JASIC. The second one is photos from Greek partners posing with masks on, giving a joyful vibe to their workplace. What's more, a thank-you E-mail from a Southeast Asian partner has confirmed the receipt of face masks.

    A Thank-You Letter from Mexican Partner

    Let the joy be contagious, not the virus.

    A Thank-You E-mail From A Southeast Asian Partner

    “The Peach and The White Jade”

    As COVID-19 has become a pandemic, many countries have experienced serious shortage of face masks and other PPE items. Given the situation, JASIC has delivered 71,600 face masks to 96 overseas partners impacted by COVID-19 so far.

    To quote a line from the "Book of Songs", “You throw a peach to me, I give you a white jade for friendship.” Since the Coronavirus outbreak, our overseas partners have supported us during the initial lockdown phase in China. Such friendship will always be remembered and cherished by us. And now it is our turn to roll up our sleeves and offer concrete aid to our friends undergoing hardship. To us, there is no greater reward than knowing our efforts have actually reached and helped our partners, as the knowledge elevates our morale and keeps us going.