JASIC Products, an Indispensable Part in China's Reopening After COVID-19

    JASIC remains in a strong position in China market

    Undaunted by the adversity

    2020 is going to be a very difficult year for many companies worldwide, as the global economy has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and incremental uncertainty posed by the trade war. However, JASIC remains in a strong position in China market because of its dominant brand influence and highly loyal customer base. Since China's reopening, JASIC’s products have been playing an active role in major construction and industrial projects throughout the country.

    See how the "JASIC Orange" has lighten up job sites across China:

    JASIC’s presence on the front line

    In Henan province, JASIC MIG welders have enjoyed a good reputation for its high efficiency and excellent welding performance.

    In Jiangsu province, JASIC NZ-1250 SAW welder has stood out with its high welding quality, high efficiency, and wide adaptability for various job conditions.

    In Shandong province, JASIC NBM-350 pulse MIG welder has been the go-to model for welding in various local industries thanks to its reduced spatter and excellent weld formation.

    In Hunan province, JASIC plasma cutters have been seen in local construction machinery and automobile manufacturing sectors. Their superior cutting performance makes them indispensable to these sectors' daily operation.

    Looking into the future

    As a welding machine manufacturer, JASIC is fully aware that its success lies in the economic well-being of China as well as that of the world. We are thrilled to witness JASIC’s presence in China economy's reopening. At the same time, we look forward to seeing the recovery of the world's economy, and we hope to play a bigger role in it than we did before.