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    JASIC’s New Corporate Showroom is Live

    New Showroom Goes Live

    After almost one year of preparation and construction, JASIC’s newcorporate showroom covering an area of 800 square meters has become operationalon September 12nd, 2020. The showroom delivers an immersivepresentation of JASIC, with four sections showcasing different aspects of thecompany. Held in celebration of JASIC’s 15th anniversary, theopening of the new showroom marks the maturation of JASIC as a renowned weldingequipment manufacturer.

    Corporate CultureSection

    Corporate History Section

    Product Display Section

    The openning tour to JASIC's new Showroom

    A Brief Video Tour of the New Showroom

    Looking Back

    From a small factorywith merely 150 staffs back in 2005, JASIC has grown to become an internationalbusiness exporting to more than 80 countries and regions, with a $139 millionannual turnover* and over 1000 staffs worldwide. During these 15 years, JASICsets itself apart from the competition with its dedication to be anindispensable contributor to the world’s welding industry.

    The story started with JASIC’sfounder Mr. Pan Lei, who has dedicated himself to the welding industry since1992. Unsatisfied with the status quo of China’s welding industry, he made a determinationto set up a business to produce advanced inverter welding machines in 2005. Andwith that idea, JASIC was born.

    Mr. Pan Lei

    Although JASIC ran inthe red in its first year, the situation soon turned around as a result of aseries of opportunities and the ability to seize them. In 2008, the company hasreached its first defining moment: JASIC products were chosen for theconstruction of Beijing Bird’s Nest Stadium for the Olympic Games.

    JASIC welding machines were used in the construction of Beijing Bird’s Nest

    Small but ambitious, JASIC has rejected the takeover bid from Lincoln Electric, the world leader in welding equipment. This determination to be independent has paid off: the company has achieved a CAGR of 29.97%* from 2006 to 2019, expanded its operation to 8 countries, and has become the parent of 5 fully-owned subsidiaries.

    Global sales network

    Embrace the Future

    JASIC fully embraces the new development of welding industry, such as digital transformation, Internet of Things(IoT) and robotics. The company will roll out a full-digital, cloud empowered inverter welding machine in the second half of 2020. An advance full-digital welding machine range is set to be launched in 2021.

    As for the further future, JASIC has set its eyes on IoT empowered industrial welding automation solution. The 15th anniversary of JASIC coincides with the most economically challenging year in the past three decades, but the company has managed to maintain its growth momentum. Always looking forward, JASIC is well on its path to become a world-class welding solution provider.

    “Future of Welding”, the last section of JASIC’s new corporateshowroom