JASIC Unveils All New EVO20 Range in Hybrid Event

    A New Era

    On March 31st, 2022, JASIC released its latest EVO20 range in a hybrid event held simultaneously in Frankfurt and Shenzhen. Both locations have physical venues for the event, and online live stream of the event was broadcasted on JASIC’s official Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and WeChat. The new product launch marks a new era in the company’s internationalization in which the JASIC brand and its new product offering are front and center.

    Being the first Chinese welding company to launch new product in an international hybrid event, JASIC has incorporated the concept of “New Standard of UX in Welding” into the new EVO20 range. This new standard comprises of solid welding performance, redefined industrial design and human-machine interface, plus high standard in reliability & sustainability.

    Center of the Conversation

    The new product range currently comprised of 14 basic single-phase models, and 3-phase models are also projected for future release. The all new rugged and robust appearance with the new control panel designs looks nothing like any of JASIC’s previous models, and with innovative features in welding performance and human-machine interaction these new machines have surely aroused interest amongst offline visitors of the event as well as online live stream viewers.

    Meaning of EVO20

    The new releases have “evolved“ significantly compared to all previous JASIC models, and thus “EVO” is in their name. As for the number 20, it not only signifies a new beginning (2.0 vs 1.0) for JASIC but also announces the company’s ambition to set new standard of UX for professional-grade welding machines in the 2020s.

    Beyond Frankfurt and Shenzhen

    Major distributors and industry influencers from all over Europe attended the Frankfurt event, with their Chinese counterparts gathered in JASIC’s corporate showroom and joined Frankfurt via online video stream. Mr. Pan LEI the president of JASIC and Anssi Rantasalo the vice president of JASIC have given a passionate presentation to a global audience in Shenzhen and Frankfurt respectively. From Shenzhen to Frankfurt, JASIC has begun to renew its story for the global welding market. And it will surely continue to write the new JASIC story beyond Europe.