The Award Ceremony for “Celebration of 20th Anniversary of China Weld Net—A Glance of Welding Corporations”

    On 3rd November, the grand award ceremony for “Celebration of 20th Anniversary of China Weldnet——A Glance of Welding Corporation” is held in Shenzhen. More than 130 members attend this meeting, including China Welding Association vice chairman and secretary general Li Liansheng, China Welding Association vice chairman Lu zhenyang、Feng Meijuan、Liu Zhen、Wang Chunsheng、Wang Lujun、Chen Qingyang, Xie Weixin and etc..
    As time went by, “China Weldnet” has gone through a journey of 20 years. Over the years, “China Weldnet” witnessed and has participated in the progress of building internetwork for Chinese Welding Industry.
    In Jul. 1998, China Welding Association built “China Weldnet”. In Jul. 2008, China Weldnet’s daily page visitors exceeded twenty thousand, daily click over two hundred thousand, which set China Weldnet rank first among all the other websites of welding industry. In 2018, its thematic sections have reached 32 at the moment; membership enrollment exceeded thirty thousand, and the search volume of its database ranks first in welding industry.
    From 2000, “China Weldnet” started to launch E-journal for free. It would be issued twice per month and would release fifty thousand each time. Until now, China Weldnet has released 412 issues, and its accumulative circulation exceeded 14 billion. This journal always has the widest coverage and biggest circulation among welding industry.
    In October 2012, “China Welding Equipmentnet” was launched, which is a branch of Information website. Now it has 22 professional sections.
    In October 2017, “China Welding Association Welding Products Certification and Recognition System” is built in the cooperation with “CAMMM” of China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology. For a year, this system whose certificated products reach more than 3000 pieces has been registered and used by 60 corporations. This system provides a platform for corporations to check the reliability of products and to supervise its quality, which helps to solve the problem of warranty of welding products quality in network market.
    In order to promote the development of manufactural network, China Welding Association endowed “Weldingnet” as the applied platform of Information website. This act aims at improving service online through digital, network and intelligence work.
    For celebrating 20th anniversary of the establishment of China Weldnet and expressing gratitude for all supportive corporations, in June 2018 China Welding Association launch a series of activities to show all these supportive corporations in welding industry.
    23 corporations and 38 individuals sign up for participating in this activity, and a group of experts from China Welding Association assess the submitted documents. The assessment on corporations is taken from these dimensions: an overview of corporation, its culture, its success, its blueprint, its support and contribution to website and individual’s contribution. After the assessment, fifteen corporations are awarded with “the outstanding demeanor” prize, and fifteen individuals are awarded with “the advanced information work” prize. The award information will be presented on “China Weldnet” for a week, then the list of prize-winners will be confirmed if nobody is against this decision.
    During the assessment, the awarded corporations fully show their capacity, market-driving force and influence. From the establishment of website to date, these corporation always stand behind and have confidence on “China Weldnet”; they make a great contribution for the success of “China Weldnet”.
    Here is fifteen corporations awarded with the “outstanding demeanor” prize:

    The corporations for giving outstanding contribution for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of “China Weldnet” (listed in a random order)

    “The presentation for the corporations with the “outstanding demeanor”

    Shenzhen Jasic Technology CO.,LTD

    Tianjin Golden Bridge Welding Material Group Co., Ltd

    Atlantic China Welding Consumables, INC.

    Tianjin Bridge Welding Materials Group Co., Ltd

    Harbin Welding Institute Limited Company

    Tangshan Kaiyuan Electric Group Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen Riland Industry Co., Ltd

    Kunshan Jingqun Welding Materials Technology Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen Hua YiLong Electric Co., Ltd

    Zhuhai Funisi Welding Technology Co., Ltd

    Xionggu Electrical Co., Ltd

    Abicor Binzel(Guangzhou) Welding Equipment Co., Ltd

    Changzhou Huaqiang Welding & Cutting Equipment Co., LTD

    ESAB Welding & Cutting Equipment (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd

    ESAB Welding & Cutting Equipment (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd

    The corporations are awarded by vice president and general secretary Li Liansheng and vice president Chen Qingyang

    The corporations are awarded by vice president Liu Zhen and Xie Weixin

    For “the advanced information work” prize, fifteen individuals are awarded for their excellent work of communicator in their corporation. They can describe corporations’ requirement for the application of website in time, describe corporations’ status quo, and share the information of products’ supply and demand. Their contribution plays a key role for “China Weldnet” to explore corporations’ need, to grasp this industry’s direction in time, to adjust website’s operational strategy so as to follow the developing direction of welding industry. The sustainable development of “China Weldnet” relies greatly on their contribution.
    These honorable individuals are: Pan Huiyong、Zhu Tian、Zhang Xiaobai、 Ma hensheng、Han Bin、Lei Pei、Tong Tianwang、Chen Wubin、Liu Qifang、Zhang Min、Juergen、 Weisshaar、Long Yilin、Meng Yunlin、Yang Xiuyong, Sun Jinggang.

    They are awarded by vice general secretary Wang Linshu and Zhang Huawei.

    They are awarded by vice general secretary Piao Dongguang and Wu Jiupeng.

    After its development for 20 years, “China Weldnet” already has a large-scale of targeted information-spread group and a professional data group on weld including more than 300 thousand pieces of messages. Besides, “China Weldnet” has three branches: “China Welding Equipmentnet”, “China Welding Association Welding Products Certification and Recognition System”, and “Weldingnet”. Thanks to these branched websites, “China Weldnet” makes an improvement in providing service on welding equipment application, products’ certification and welding materials. If you use search engine like Baidu or Sogou, “China Weldnet” ranks first and can be described as the most influential integrated service platform in welding industry.
    The success of “China Weldnet” depends on all the assistance and support from members and colleagues. Thanks all the attention and support given to us, “China Weldnet” wish to make progress in bring much more contribution in leading the development of welding industry websites.