China Welding Industry Forum 2019 – High Efficiency Welding Technology and Application Notification No. 1

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    China Welding Industry Forum 2019 – High Efficiency Welding Technology and Application

    NotificationNo. 1

    To Relevant Units,

    TheChina Welding Industry Forum 2019- “High Efficiency Welding Technology AndApplication” will be held from June 22 to 24, 2019 in Shanghai. This forum is hostedby China Welding Association (CWA), instructed by Chinese MechanicalEngineering Society (CMES), co-organized by American Welding Society (AWS),Singapore Welding Society (SWS), CMES welding branch, and Electric WelderBranch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, organized by WeldingEquipment Branch of CWA, and supported by Shanghai Kumao Robot Welding Co., Ltd.and Shenzhen Megmeet Welding Co., Ltd. Promotional media includes Welding, Electric Welding Machine, MetalProcesings, Welding Technique, CHINA WELDING, Robot Technique and Application,and Welding Digest of Machinery Manufacturing.

    ChinaWelding Industry Forum has been held successfully for 13 sessions with 14meetings since 2006. It has been promoting the development of welding industryin the form of forums for 13 consecutive years. By integrating new developmenttrend, the Forum this year will invite famous welding experts at home and abroadto present their thematic reports on High Efficiency Welding Technology and Applicationin the form of invited talk. The forum pays attention to the maturity oftechnology and aims to guide the industry to utilize reasonably and promotehigh efficiency welding technology. Learn latest news about the Forum, pleasevisit the official website of CWA (,entering into the "China Welding Industry Forum" section.


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    Nov.12, 2018