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    Our People & Culture

    Act as an enabling agent for all staff with our culture 

    People Development

    • Our employees are critical assets to the company as their work and dedication are instrumental to our success today. We have their well-being at heart.  All our plants have built sizeable garden areas, with company housing facilities for qualified and needed individuals. We also support over a dozen employee hobby groups in sports and arts. 
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    • To enable our people in seek for further self-development, we launched JASIC Training School mid 2018, with four major areas namely management, marketing, engineering and administration. These programs aim to provide continued learning to our people who will form the core talent pool for the company’s succession planning.
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    • We have institutionally ensured that our people are respected and their thoughts and suggestions are heard.
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    • Well-being
    • Continued learning
    • Protection

    Join Us

    We are keen to attract and retain talents in China and abroad to participate our growth and expansion. We'll ensure that our remmuneration package is competitive, our training programs are effective, most importantly our appraisal and promotion system is fair. We would be delighted if your ambition and skill-set match our available positions, and look forward to having your contributions to our future success.
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