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    • Senior Software Engineer View the details 2019.04.17 Working location: Shenzhen
      Bachelor‘s degree or above
      Job responsibilities:
      1. Accomplish research and development of welding machine with hardware engineers
      2. Programme and debug embedded systems
      3. Accomplish related software files for assigned projects such as software flow chart, state diagram, etc.
      4. Collect and sort out common codes
      1. Bachelor‘s degree or above in automation, electronics, mechatronics, etc.
      2. 3+ years of experience in embedded programming
      3. Fluent in development of ARM–based embedded systems
      4. Know basic knowledge about hardware. Understand circuit diagram and know how to use common electronic    instruments
      5. Proficiency in C programming language
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    • Senior Hardware Engineer View the details 2019.04.17 Working location: Shenzhen
      Bachelor's degree in electronics or electrical engineering
      Job responsibilities:
      1. Analyze and write hardware requirements for products and technical specification documents with project teammates
      2. Design, develop and select topology of power conversion (DC/AC and DC/AC) and power circuit components including drive circuit of power devices, HF transform, rectifier, filter, reactor, etc. suitable for units to be produced as per hardware development routines to minimize various energy consumption. Calculate and evaluate circuit distributed parameters
      3. Simulate, test, optimize, and verify functional circuits in laboratory to inspect the functions and performance of the circuits in joint debugging with hardware and software. Improve and refine the design to satisfy hardware design requirements. Maintain design and development records
      1. Bachelor’s degree in electronics or electrical engineering
      2. 3+ years of experience of hardware design, research and development in power source industry (communication power supply, UPS, transducer, recharge pile and other special power supply)
      3. Excellent knowledge of schematic circuit diagram and experience using PCB design software. Ability to accomplish schematic circuit diagram design and PCB design independently
      4. Profound knowledge of theories about digital circuit and analog circuit as well as practice proven experience
      5. Good interpersonal skills and affinity. Excellent speaking and great writing skills.
      6. Passionate work attitude and innovative spirit
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    • Intellectual Property Engineer View the details 2019.04.17 Working location: Shenzhen
      Bachelor's degree
      Job responsibilities:
      1.Write and compile documents for external project declaration and follow up on implementations
      2.Learn, transform and propagate product-related standard in the industry
      3.Patent application
      4.Declare and file technical titles of technicians in technology center
      5.Compose promotional documents of products developed by technology center
      6.Carry out follow-ups on implementations of R&D process of internal technical management system to ensure consistency and integrity between input and output during product development
      7.Conduct other related communications about external technical management and paperwork of technical management
      1.Bachelor’s degree / excellent writing skills/ 3+ years of experience in external declaration of technical project , including experience in overseas intellectual property and patent application
      2.Be decent and dignified. A communication background with government is preferred
      3.Good ability to work under pressure and able to work overtime
      4.Related work experience in government project declaration for large companies. Ability to think actively
      5.Passionate about job and a strong sense of responsibility
      6.A good team worker and hard worker with active communication ability
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    • MES Engineer View the details 2019.04.17 Working location: Shenzhen
      Bachelor's degree
      Job responsibilities:
      1.Analyze business requests and translate them into request documents and development documents
      2.Complete design, implementation and testing, provide deliverables as required
      3.Analyze requirements for MES system and conduct implementation, training, technical support, maintenance, secondary development, function extension, and integration with third-party system
      4.Compile and file all kinds of documents and report materials throughout project implementation
      1.Bachelor’s degree or above in computers or IT related major
      2.3+ years of experience in .Net software and B/S project development
      3.Good command of SP.NET and C# development. Familiarity with page development technology such as MVC\Webform, Ajax, jQuery, etc. and distributed development technology such as WebService, Remoting, WC, etc.
      4.Familiarity with common database system such as SQL SERVER, Oracle, etc. and PL-SQL. Command in common technology of MS SQLServer. Ability to write SQL, trigger, function, and save process and experience in developing database
      5.3+ years of experience in MES system management and maintenance. Ability to conduct requirement analysis, implementation, training and maintenance of MES system independently
      6.Good learning ability and professional integrity. A team worker with strong communication and coordinating skills
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    • DQA Engineer View the details 2019.04.17 Working location: Shenzhen
      Bachelor's degree
      Job responsibilities:
      1.Supervise design and development process for new product, new material, new process, and product design change. Participate in quality planning and control throughout the design and development process. Review and approve products related technical documents (quality concerned). Ensure the integrity and conformity of product development process, documents and records
      2.Set up quality objectives and quality planning for different stages. Plan, organize and carry out quality reviews. Formulate quality related technical documentations and develop training courses
      3.Follow up, improve, and ensure timely solutions for related quality problems during development process
      4.Handle abnormities occurred during the manufacturing process of new products, and customers complaints. Ensure prompt solution is provided. Collect and sort out cases related to product design improvement. Compile reports and organize communicative trainings
      1.3+ years of quality-related work experience, at least one year in quality assurance of new product
      2.Familiarity with ISO 9001 QS and experience using quality management tools and methods
      3.Good abilities of learning, analysis, comprehension, communication and coordination. Hard-working attitude and a strong sense of responsibility
      4.Bachelor’s degree in electronics. TEM4 is preferred
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    • Senior Training Specialist View the details 2019.04.17 Working location: Shenzhen
      Bachelor's degree
      Job responsibilities:
      1.Build talent teams (including managerial teams, functional teams, technical backup teams, teams for production line team leader, etc.)
      2.Responsible for graduate nurturing program (both previous graduates and fresh graduates)
      3.Arrange and supervise salesman training and online training
      4.Manage employment-related affairs to certified technicians (training supervision, evaluation, certificates issuance, allowance claiming)
      5.Organize and implement specific training and seminar communications to technicians
      6.Cooperate with trainers in developing and implementing key programs of specific training
      7.Provide management in e-learning platform construction and daily operations
      8.Hold events specific to internal lecturers (Teacher’s day, lecturer training, annual award, etc.)
      9.Track course development and construction of test bank
      1.Associate’s degree or above with 3 years of experience in same division; human resources professional (grade 3) is preferred
      2.Required knowledge:
      Basic knowledge of human resources
      Proficiency in designing courses and process of lecturer management
      Understanding of advanced personnel training mode and method
      3.Required skills:
      Skilled in public relations writing and course development
      Good communication skills and ability to lecture independently
      Good organizational and planning skills; experience in hosting events is preferred
      Highly skilled in PPT
      Demonstrate solid project-advancing abilities
      4.Overall qualities:
      Proactive attitude toward work and a strong sense of responsibility
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